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So I was tagged by the infamous E.G. Moore to participate in a blog hop. I hate to admit that while I’d heard of blog hops, I didn’t particularly know what was involved. So, of course, I “Googled” it. And here I am…

Emily tagged me because we were both finalists in Michelle Hauck’s In With the New agent contest, in which we all submitted our query letters and the first 250 words of our manuscript. Gosh that sounds dry, doesn’t it? But for writers, it was a week of nail biting, Twitter tweeting, screen refreshing, more nail biting, and for me & Emily – virtual tequila floats.

Don’t knock a tequila float until you’ve tried it, y’all.

Anyway, in my vast research on blog hopping (snort) I learned that some bloggers even give things away – so I’m going to deviate from Emily’s WIP questions just a bit…

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Query Critique 2



Super helpful critiques from Kyra Nelson, who interned at a literary agent. MIND WITCH is my most recent project.

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I’m so impressed to have  another query to critique so soon. At some point I’ll probably go to only doing one or two critiques a week. But as I’m building the blog, I’m going to try doing as many as possible. In other words, now is a great time to submit. See the query critiques link at the top for details.

My comments are in green.

At five years old, Zéphyrine’s father told her to throw an emperor out a window. At seven, she was commanded to brainwash her brother into submission. At twelve, she was forced to do the same to her sister; countless others followed. Although I get that the emperor thing is supposed to establish how cruel her father is, it’s a little distracting to me (it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the main plot, and since she was five, I’m guessing she didn’t…

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My group and I delivered this project mid-December. We’re now making the Game Treatment, but in the meantime, here: have the prototype for Sightless.

It’s very short and we had to strip down some of the features to deliver it on time (we had one week to make all of it). Writing and art are by me, coding was by my three colleagues!

What I’ve been doing… part deux


So, for Game Design and Development, we had to submit a game idea of which the nine most voted by the entire class would be made into game prototypes. I subbed an idea I had based on a re-write of Sightless and it was the third(!) with more votes.So yeah, we’re making it! One tiny step towards one of my dreams, which is turning some of my own novels into games!

I’ve been doing concept art for the game. Here are a couple of screens of Aisling!

sightless CA 01 Screenshot 2013-11-11 17.56.00














That aside… I’ve been working on fixing key plot points of Withering Spring as well as taking my Master’s degree classes. Busy busy busy!

What I’ve been doing… part 1


What I've been doing... part 1

Sorcha, from the amazing novel Daughter of the Forest. Still a WIP, which will, hopefully, be finished soon.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the author, Juliet Marillier in what were some of the happiest days of my life! She’s amazing and sweet and I can only hope to someday be half as good a writer as she is!

I’ve got a Thesis!


As some people know, I’m a Computer Engineering student at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, one of the best Engineering colleges in Portugal. I chose my Master’s areas this year (Major: Multimedia Systems, Minor: Software Engineering) and I’m having a total blast.

So, when my Multimedia Content Production teacher, Professor Daniel Gonçalves, presented his thesis proposals, I fell in love with one of them and, seeing that the one teacher I’d initially wanted to supervise my thesis (I wanted to submit one about Emotional Involvement in Games) decided to go on sabbatical next year, I applied for Professor Daniel’s proposal instead.

Here’s what I’ll be doing next year (as well as finishing pending courses):


Thesis: Game Course

Objective: Create a structured, scalable, system for the support of gamified courses.

Description: Create a new version of a Gamification system that extends moodle to make the gamification of courses in general easier and more efficient. Extend the existing backend for gamification of courses and better integrate AvatarWorld into the game experience. Add customization possibilities, with adequate expressiveness. Identify possible game elements, and allow their instantiation for different courses.

Expected Result:

A new version of the system that makes not only the configuration of a gamified course easier, but also makes the course activities easier to access and grade throughout the semester.

Needless to say, I’m super excited to start working on it. I’ve always loved the concept of using game-elements for school purposes and this is just awesome!

Create a structured, scalable, system for the support of gamified courses.





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