And Aisling May tore down the world…


hum. Long time no see, right?

I have been incredibly busy with College and, to top that off, my desktop (the computer I use to draw) has a really crappy wireless board which refuses to let me open a page that is not google.

I have always wanted to depict the main character of my Sightless universe, Aisling May and how she would tear down the world. The scene would have to be dark and desolated, save for the whole on the earth she would be tearing up. Also, she would be walking, her white dress billowing in the wind in contrast with her black hair.

This is what I’ve come up with.



Here I’ve just added the basic bacground, for color and light placement purposes.


I then intruduced Aisling with her base colors…


And fiddled with them a little bit.

I still have to re-touch the background and adjust the colors on the character. Also, a bit more of chaos in the atmosphere is in order.


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