Arines, Tyavain portraits


It’s been a while since I’ve drawn Arines from my Storytellers universe, which I created back when I was fifteen and bored out of my mind in a Portuguese class. Back then it was very simple and the story had such a happy, fairytale-ish ending (which it will no longer have, once I finish writing it).


At any rate, I started out with a basic sketch.



Placed the base colors. (Arines is very pale, hence the very light base tone on the skin)


Blended the rest of the “main” tones


Removed the lines to see how it looked.


Overally, I still have to define more highlights and shadows and give her a little bit of life. It’s still very rough now. As for Tyavain, I felt like doodling her first character design.


The stretched cartoony look is on purpose, by the way. The whole Storytellers thing still has a fairytale-ish feel and I intend to keep away from fully realistic designs.


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