Laelia’s dream and Violeta.


Laelia is the main lady from The Three Veils, my steampunk proto-work. As a Maid, she is closely connected to the World and as such, I have been working on a dream she has where she climbs up the stairs to the stars.

Her dream is a bit pastel-toned. An euphemism of how she views the world.


Violeta here is my latest creation. From a post-apocalyptic universe, she is a genetically-modified killing machine, number nine out of an elite group of eleven. Very glum and serious, she also smokes like a chimney and drinks like a sponge.

And I have a fetish with her prettiness.



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  1. Heeey, I finally got some time to stop by! Bookmarked your blog a while ago :hides:

    You’ve made a lot of progress thus far 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing more. The last portrait could use some nice, cooler tones as highlights to make it ‘pop’ more. Go crazy with mixing various colours for skintones, it’s loads of fun 8D

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