Sightless – Excerpt of “Breach”


Because I don’t have much free time to write, I whip out my small Moleskine and scribble down parts of Sightless whenever I can. This was written between several classes.

“Excuse me, Miss?” Aisling called. “Can you please take me to the restroom?”

“Certainly,” replied the waitress. Aisling reached out and took the waitress’s arm.

“I’m sorry. I never need help to come back, but finding something for the first time when you’re blind is hard. Not to mention embarrassing.”

“It’s ok.” The waitress’s voice hinted at a smile. “Here we are.”

Aisling felt the door with her hand. “Thank you,” she said. Once inside, Aisling tried to find the sink so that she could splash some water on her face. Her head was pounding terribly and Aisling was completely clueless as to why. She hadn’t mended the Wall today, nor had she overused her psyche in her connection with Reid.

She took a hand to her forehead; the pain was excruciating, almost as though her head had been hammered in; and it was growing worse and worse by the second. Soon, Aisling found that the act of merely standing up was a chore. Dizzily, she fell to her knees, hands grasping the sides of her head, trying not to scream. Her efforts were wasted, though, for as soon the pounding had grown to be so strong Aisling could no longer stay her voice.

Aisling saw flashes of the Otherworld, saw a shadow looming over her, felt the Wall being ripped apart and something pushing at her, trying to drag her away. Aisling’s breath was ragged as she frantically groped for her cane. Through all the pain, Aisling calmed down enough to realize she wasn’t the only one who was screaming; from outside the restroom came the sounds of pure chaos and terror.

Had the Wall been breached? Aisling wondered if that was the reason behind the horrible pain, but it was too far-fetched. Even if the Wall had been ripped apart, the beings on the other side had no strength to cross the threshold between the two worlds. But whatever it was that was happening, Aisling was only sure of one thing: she had to know what was going on, and for that, she had to see – which meant she had to find Reid.

Aisling tried connecting to her Seer to see if he was nearby, but all she felt was a tingle in her mind. Reid was close enough for Aisling to feel the ripples of his psyche, but not close enough for her to connect to him.

Hastily, Aisling spun around and went through the restroom door and into the café’s main room. She heard a lot of screams, heard tables and chairs falling… and felt a strange chill on her arms. But without seeing she was useless, so she blocked everything from her mind and carefully walked forward.

Save for the Wall, which was ever present in her blindness, and Reid’s sight, Aisling’s world was usually made of darkness; and, just as she stepped towards the exit, she saw a huge rip on the Wall, just a few meters away from her. Her first instinct was to close the hole, but as soon as Aisling took one of her feet off the ground, something grabbed her shins, causing her to fall straight on her face and sending her sunglasses flying across the room. Normally, Aisling would be worried that her stitched eyes were uncovered, but the hand that was grasping her leg was so cold, as cold as ice…

Aisling kicked again and again until the cold was gone and scrambled to her feet. She had to close the breach as quickly as possible, she had to…

Another wave of coldness seized her, this time on her arm. Aisling tried to wiggle out, but the cold touch was strong, stronger than her, and it seemed determined to keep her from reaching the breach. Aisling turned to face her assailant. Granted, she couldn’t see what it was physically, but she was hoping her captor’s psyche would give something away.

It was when she saw a psyche that did not belong in the material world that she panicked.

With hectic fear, Aisling tried to free herself from the being’s hold while screaming at the top of her lungs for her Seer. “Reid! Reid” she yelped. “Reid!” In her mind, Aisling’s thoughts were racing. The beings from the other side had crossed over, They weren’t supposed to be able to cross over!

More cold hands seized her neck, her other arm, her ankles… They were all around her, the beings of the Otherworld and Aisling wasn’t strong enough to break free. Inhaling deeply, Aisling tried to calm down, to think… the beings holding her were not of the physical world, so trying to physically break free was probably wrong…

Through all the screaming, Aisling concentrated on the parts of the Wall around her that were still intact. If molding the Wall to shield her mind worked, then maybe it would also work in shielding her body.

“Aisling!” she heard Reid’s voice calling out her name. Aisling tried to keep the relief from breaking her concentration. She shaped the Wall into a protective barrier around her body and felt the various hands that gripped her easing their grasp. It wasn’t, however, enough to fully break away from them. The throbbing in Aisling’s head worsened as she expanded the newly formed shield. Her throat tightened, her eyes burned under the stitched lids and her limbs grew numb. She saw more and more of the Otherworld and realized those things holding her were trying to drag her into it. Aisling was in so much pain that he was close to giving in, so close to crossing over…

It was then that Reid’s hands, strong and warm, wrapped around her waist and pushed her towards him. Aisling’s lethargy broke and she focused on her barrier once again. She focused so much and so hard that the barrier burst, exploding all around her and sending the Otherworld creatures reeling backward. Aisling fell forward into Reid’s chest. “We have to close the breach,” she hoarsely whispered, pointing towards the hole in the Wall.

Reid looked at the direction Aisling had indicated and, while holding onto him, she used Reid’s eyes to make a path through the fallen tables and chairs without tripping over. She brought together the threads of the Wall that had been torn asunder as fast as she could; the beings came back, so Aisling thickened her shield around both her and Reid, to keep them at bay. Her psyche was draining fast, her head was close to bursting and she could barely stand, but she had to close the hole, she had to…

The last threads merged together and, with a shriek, the beings from the Otherworld dispersed, each vanishing into a different direction.

Slowly, Aisling lifted her head towards Reid, who was still holding her by the waist. “Where did those things go to?” he asked her.

That was the last thing Aisling heard before she fainted.





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  1. Just checking your blog out and came across this post on Sightless. After reading the start of this over at WriteOnCon, this snippet was great! It makes me want to read the whole thing even more.

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