Another Sightless excerpt


As NaNoWriMo goes on, Sightless has reached 71 000 words! I am around one third into the novel – and as a celebration, here’s another excerpt!


Rain began to fall from the sky and thunders roared in the sky. Ishmael frowned; autumn had just settled in. They shouldn’t be having thunderstorms right now… A chilly wind lifted the dry leaves from the ground. Aisling May stopped and so did Ishmael. He knew that cold wind… and he knew what it entailed. Apparently, so did Aisling May.

“Reid,” he heard her say, a slight note of panic on her voice. “Reid, stop. Everyone, stop.” Ishmael went closer to her, close enough to see that she was breathing very fast and very hard. Ishmael made to take a step further, but he was propelled backwards. His head hit the floor with a sickening crack. For a moment, Ishmael was dizzy, lost, but he soon regained his cold blood and looked around himself.

People were lying all over the street, some of them unconscious, some of them already up. Ishmael noticed that, beside himself, there was a girl, crying as her mother checked out her arm; in front of him, some man couldn’t get up due to a broken leg. Ishmael breathed in deeply and lifted himself off the ground. Where was Aisling May? He had to find her, he had to find her and get her out, he had…

His mind picked it up first. A psyche that didn’t belong in the physical world, in a body that was human… His eyes followed the trail and he saw him. The Devil was standing there, in the middle of the street.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” the Devil teased.

Against the deathly silence rose like thunder the sound of a step on the wet pavement. Then of another and another until a single, lonely figure was set apart from the crowd of whimpering civilians. Roaring step by roaring step she made her unwavering way to where the Devil was, stopping just a few feet away from the being. All gazes were focused on her, waiting for the Sightless to do something.

The damp overcoat billowed around her, lifting enough for the dry green skirt underneath to show, telling everyone it was single, slight woman who stood between the Devil and the people, straight with pride and untouched by fear.

The civilians behind her saw nothing but her silhouette, dark against the night. “I could say the same thing to you,” Aisling May said to the Devil. “After all, unlike you, I haven’t been hiding in the Otherworld.” Even though her voice was strong, Ishmael felt from her psyche that she was masking her true emotions. Aisling May knew the Devil was her doing and she was scared of what her creation might do.

Ishmael heard a gurgled scream; he looked over to where the sound had come from and found a pretty woman pointing at the Devil. “Why… Why does that thing look like you?” she cried. The man next to her looked at the Devil with very wide eyes and whispered, “I don’t know.” Ishmael, however, did.

Aisling May’s thoughts had created the Devil and, at the center of those thoughts had to be this man. It was the only answer Ishmael had for this coincidence.

Then, it all clicked.

The beings of the Otherworld only invaded in places where there was a person with a significant psyche; they needed that person if they were to make a successful invasion. And now the Devil had decided to physically manifest, right when Ishmael, Aisling and that man were in the same place. The Devil had invaded the place where that man had been, and luck had it that Aisling May had been the one coming. The Devil had gambled that she’d been the one sent to this place, and his gambling had paid off.

 “I have not been hiding, my dear Aisling,” the Devil said. “I have been biding my time; there is a difference.” It looked past Aisling to the group of people; for a moment, its eyes were fixated on Ishmael’s and he realized that everything was just the way the Devil wanted.


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