New project… Because you can’t have enough of those!


I wanted to write something dark and gritty, so I decided to combine Pandora’s Box with religion. Because, when do you need sense?

Have you ever wished upon a star?

Sixteen-year-old Audrey’s life couldn’t be more ordinary. She is of average height, average looks and has average grades. Tired of the monotony, she wishes, one silly night, upon a falling star, ridiculously hoping that would change her life.

Little does she know that that star harbors something that will change her life forever, for that star is Muriel, an angel so corrupted he was exiled from Heaven. In him lie all the evils in this world, and he knows the key to unleashing it lies somewhere in Earth. And he is desperate to find it.

Wish Upon A Star is a modern-day dark love story that combines Pandora’s Box with religion.


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