Today’s Camp…


Late at night, Audrey sat by the window and looked up at the starry night sky. God, she wished her life was different. She wished she wasn’t just average at everything. Everyone excelled at something, but her? She was a master of nothing.

A star fell. Scientifically speaking, the star had died millions of years ago and only now could you see it from Earth. But some people—those who didn’t care about science and preferred to live their lives with pretty little tales,—believed that, if you saw a falling star, you should wish upon it.

Audrey didn’t believe it would do anything. The star was dead, after all. But as the star disappeared into the horizon, she thought of how good it would be if things were different. How good it would be if she finally found her calling, her passion, her one special talent, the one thing that would set her apart from everyone.

She knew it was stupid, but she thought it anyway.


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