An Improved Note On Bella


A while ago, I was so annoyed with teenage girls wanting to be like Bella Swan that I couldn’t help it. I made a note. I don’t know where the original is, but here’s the improved version.



Now, if you like Twilight, fine. I can see the appeal. I myself, was glued to the first book like someone had just sprayed the pages with some sort of drug and I had to keep reading. New Moon was generally awful and Eclipse was more mellow like crack. I don’t think Twilight is a good book, but credit where credit’s due: it is addicting. Certain characters do have some appeal (I quite liked Alice, she was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the moping). But.


I hate Bella. I do think she’s a shallow bitch who should have died when she jumped off that cliff in New Moon. You should never ever ever base your life on a guy and that’s exactly what she did.

Now, I should go and write/illustrate a similar thing regarding Anastasia Steele, i.e. An Even More Annoying Bella.


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