#PimpMyBio for #PitchWars. This might get long.


Hi, I’m Diana, and I’ve entered Pitch Wars with a NA Fantasy!

I'm so classy!

I’m so classy!


1. I have a Portal gun. However, it’s only a miniature one. STILL, it works. When my friends need anything, I will use my super-advanced Math and Physics skills to calculate the exact trajectory, shoot up a portal towards them and LOVE IS SENT. Granted, we don’t need portals for that, but they make everything cooler.




2. I have two cats. One is very derpy and adorable and wishes he was a dog; the other is a dainty princess who purrs louder than a train engine. I DO share all the cute/funny pics of my beloved Sushi and Jubas and you.will.love.it.
I do love dogs as well, but since I don’t have a house big enough to make one happy, I’m dog-free for now.
3. I’m Portuguese and like any proper one, I love going to the beach AND I love food.
Perrie gets me

Perrie gets me

4. I also draw, and I dare say, am pretty decent at it. I illustrate all my novels because I love it.
5. I love games and I want to write my own. Or rather, I’ve written my own, All my novels WILL have future incarnations as games, one way or the other. And yes, I will make them myself. I’m also not afraid to admit it was games that got me into writing. Particularly Ocarina of Time, Planescape: Torment, Baldur’s Gate 2, The Longest Journey and Grim Fandango. Planescape, particularly, had such a big impact I got the Rune of Torment tattooed on me! Below is some artwork for Sightless (text-based Point and Click) and Blob Defense (platformer).
6. I do believe one of the best things that’s ever happened to me was getting my first novel, Sightless, rejected.
“How can you say rejection is good, Diana? Are you crazy?”
It was good because I wasn’t ready and Sightless was NOT the best thing it could’ve been. Three years later, it became a kick-ass game concept and an even better story about seeing the world through other people’s eyes. It was a humbling experience and I owe a lot to everyone who rejected me back then – hitting that brick wall not only made me a better writer, it made me a better person as well.
As for being crazy. Well…
7. I am an extremely hardworking person. As in, I will work day and night to get my story where it needs to be. You won’t ever hear me complaining about it.
Want an example of how hardworking I am? From fifth to eighth grade, teachers told me I would never be able to draw properly. Eleven years later, I’m proving them wrong by being PAID to draw. Hard work + stubbornness does wonders.
8. A lot of my long-term friends came from the internet. One of them is also participating, and if you follow me on twitter, you already know I’m talking about Dana Collins. She’s awesome and I’m not afraid to pimp her out in here as well. She’s my L’Oreal: totally worth it.
9. Speaking a bit more of pets: I AM MAD about bearded dragons and reptiles. I JUST GOT MY NORBERT! 10 points for Ravenclaw if you get the reference!
10. I have SO MANY projects that are already outlined and just waiting to be written. The only reason I haven’t is because my time machine only allows me an extra hour a day. Said projects include: blind girl who can use other people’s eyes to see. Voiceless is about a person who steals voices in a story that’s a play on clichés.
11. I swear like a sailor, much to my parents’ constant dismay.


12. Want to laugh at my first attempts at writing in English or just see how much I’ve evolved throughout the years? Look at my fanfiction.net page. Yes, fanfic was great help to improving my English. And yes, I still write fanfic. No one else was writing that Diablo 3 Demon Huntress/Tyrael porn and it NEEDED to be done.


13. I’m a great cook, according to everyone who’s ever tasted my food. Specifically, my version of cod with cream.


14. I’m such a sucker for romance I’ve compiled a list of Games With Romantic Elements to make life easier for suckers like me.


15. I love things that mess with my mind. Books/comics/games/movies, you name it. My favorites include Ubik, 1984, Fables and 90% of my go-to movie list: http://www.classreal.com/


16. My favorite writers in YA are: Susan Dennard, Sarah J Maas (I had a lot of problems with Throne of Glass, but her follow-ups are MASTERFUL), Tahereh Mafi, Maggie Stiefvater, Gail Carriger, Kristin Cashore, Rae Carson and Scott Westerfeld.


17. Fav writers of all time? George Orwell (I have TWO 1984-inspired tattoos), Juliet Marillier (whom I’ve actually met in person and SPAZZED — good things do come out when you a) keep in touch with agents who rejected your manuscripts BUT gave you awesome feedback and b) you’re shameless and e-mail author’s agents about how much you love their client), Philip K Dick, Tolkien, JK Rowling, George R R Martin (forget Game of Thrones — have you read Fevre Dream?)

18. I played roller hockey for sixteen years. No, not a typo. I was skating at five and competing on a national level at 10. We were in the finals for the National Cup, and we did the Super Cup as well. Unfortunately, I had to quit (only so much time in a day, plus, I had to move to Lisbon for college, and there are no local teams).
19. You know how rush week and pledging to fraternities and sororities can be awful in the US? Well, we have something similar here, called Praxe. It’s open to everyone and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve met one of my best friends and “big sister” Sofia Teixeira through it, and now, we blog together about books — in fact, her blog is one of the biggest in the country!
20. I have an awful sense of humour. Meaning, I laugh at incredible inappropriate jokes and then feel TERRIBLE about it.
21. And last but not least, because a lot of people ask me this: Yup, Pinguicha is my real name.AND BECAUSE I PROMISED! MOAR KITTIES!

And don’t forget to check out the other awesome mentees! Blog hop at Dannie Morin’s!


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  1. “Hard work + stubbornness does wonders.” <- That's the mentality that leads to success, at least in my estimation.

    Also, a fellow roller hockey player! You should try ice. It's way more fun. (I know, roller hockey players hate hearing that, but I played roller for 6 years before moving to ice, so I'm allowed.)

    Best of luck with your book!

    • I would, but it’s literally impossible to play ice hockey here. Portugal->pretty much always over 15ºC. I did try ice skating a couple of times and it was fun! Too bad the closest field is hundreds of miles away.

      Good luck to you too! And thanks for making this mentee blog hop happen!

      • You know….all the stuff about you being Portuguese, and somehow it didn’t occur to me that you live in Portugal. 🙂 I guess it would be hard to play ice hockey there.

  2. Hello! I was delighted to see SWTOR on your list of games with romantic elements. There are some really amazing class quest romances in that game.

    Anyway, pleased to meet you, and good luck! I’m writing adult fantasy myself.

  3. Throne of Glass is next on my TBR list. I know a girl who has a bearded dragon named after the chameleon in Tangled. I kind of want one and your pictures are making it worse!

  4. I had to read your bio because I’ve seen so much of you and your fabulous sketches during PW. If you are half as much fun as you seem to be, it would be illegal. Precious and informative bio. You are one busy chick! I’d expect any book you wrote to be zany and a great read. Good luck! @eparentcoach

  5. I can’t believe I discovered another Grim Fandango fan! I loved that game along with the Monkey Islands, Sam and Max and the Day of the Tentacle (all retro old school — I don’t get time to play these days). Best of luck with Pitchwars!

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