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Sightwitch Blog Tour!


Hi everyone!

Long time no updates! I should be better at updating this blog, especially since I’ve been producing a lot of portraits. So here! I cast Raise the Dead, prompted by this Sightwitch Blog Tour!

I got an e-ARC for the book from TorTeen, and I got to reading it right away. It’s an excellent addition to the Witchlands universe, and told in a rather unusual format: diaries, with illustrations to accompany it.

I adored Ryber’s POV, and learning how Sightwitches and their little society worked was fascinating. We get to learn a lot more about Ryber, as well as Kullen, and the book does a nice job expanding the world. I don’t want to spoil, but it hints at a very big mystery and now I can’t wait for Bloodwitch.

So here are my contributions! You might have seen Ryber already. I experimented with Gradient Maps and Brushes to make her skin have that gold/green hue.


And a new one! Ryber’s heartthread, Kullen! I used Teddy Sears as a reference when painting him, so any similarities are intentional ūüėõ



Before Safi and Iseult battled a Bloodwitch…

Before Merik returned from the dead…

91QrCSFmO3L.jpgRyber Fortiza was a Sightwitch Sister at a secluded convent, waiting to be called by her goddess into the depths of the mountain. There she would receive the gift of foretelling. But when that call never comes, Ryber finds herself the only Sister without the Sight.

Years pass and Ryber‚Äôs misfit pain becomes a dull ache, until one day, Sisters who already possess the Sight are summoned into the mountain, never to return. Soon enough, Ryber is the only Sister left. Now, it is up to her to save her Sisters, though she does not have the Sight‚Äēand though she does not know what might await her inside the mountain.

On her journey underground, she encounters a young captain named Kullen Ikray, who has no memory of who he is or how he got there. Together, the two journey ever deeper in search of answers, their road filled with horrors, and what they find at the end of that road will alter the fate of the Witchlands forever.

About Susan Dennard:

Susan_square1I‚Äôve¬†come a long way from small-town Georgia. Working in marine biology, I¬†got to travel the world‚ÄĒsix out of seven continents, to be exact (I‚Äôll¬†get to you yet, Asia!)‚ÄĒbefore I¬†settled down as a full-time novelist and writing instructor.

I’m the author of the Something Strange and Deadly series as well as the New York Times bestselling Witchlands books, Truthwitch and Windwitch, and if I’m not writing, then I’m busy slaying darkspawn or earning bruises at the dojo.

I live in the Midwestern US with my French husband, two spoiled dogs, and two grouchy cats. Learn more about me and my cookie-addiction on the blog, newsletter, twitter, instagram, or pinterest.

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Writing Process Blog Tour


Next stop is Lisbon, sitting in sunny Portugal with some of the most amazing food in the world. Most of the country is still experiencing summer, though we expect rain to start drizzling any time soon as fall settles in (along with hot cocoa). It’s friendly, it’s fun, and it’s one of the best places to be in all year around.

1. Introduce the author who passed the blog tour to you and link back to their blog.
The amazing Natasha Raulerson passed this onto me. I met Natasha through the In With the New contest hosted by Michelle Hauck, and during PitchWars we hung out on Skype sometimes – I even co-hosted Whiskey, Wine and Writing when her kick-ass co-host Tiffany couldn’t make it, and, like Natasha and Tiff, it was SO MUCH FUN!

2. What am I working on?
Currently, it’s a YA Fantasy named Mind Witch. The main character, Z√©phyrine, can manipulate people’s thoughts and

Ubik was a big inspiration for Mind Witch

Ubik was a big inspiration for Mind Witch

memories (hence the title), and she was one of the leads in my previous project (Withering Spring). Mind Witch came from my first CP telling me Z√©ph was her favorite character and that she was sad Z√©ph’s story started out in media res. I didn’t plan on writing it, but one thing led to another and now it’s too much fun to stop.

3. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Mind Witches/Psions are usually more of a sci-fi thing, so there’s that. I’m also telling the story from a more antagonistic perspective, and doing a play o the Chosen One trope by having the person who’s supposed to deliver the world from evil wanting to take it for herself rather than retiring from heroism – and no, it’s not the MC.

Iriae seems very sweet, but actually, she's insane.

Iriae seems very sweet, but actually, she’s insane.

Oh, and I’m illustrating it as well, so… that too?

4. Why do I write what I write?
I write Fantasy because, aside from being my favorite genre to read, I enjoy creating worlds that don’t have the same restrictions as ours – and because I love it.

5. How does my writing process work?
I often start novels with only a vague idea, either a scene that’s hounding my head and needs to be put into words before I forget, a theme I want to explore – those things. Then I start mulling it over and expand on it using a series of bullet points like “MC can control people, is sent to turn a country upside down”. I write a preliminary query, ask friends/CPs “Hey, is this something you’d read?” and then go for it.

6. Introduce the next author on the tour and link to their blog.
Next stop will be at Kyra Nelson‘s blog! Kyra interned for a literary agency, and I first came across her when she was offering query critiques (Mind Witch was #2!) and she gave me great pointers. Her blog is filled with useful writing advice for both queries and novels, not to mention the actual query crits she does are extremely useful and have information we can all take for our own query-ous nightmares!