Why I Write in English

  I’ve been asked this often, both by native speakers and non-natives, which is why I decided to share my (in)finite wisdom today. I’ve spoken about it briefly on my “Getting the Call” guest post on Michelle Hauck’s blog, but here’s a longer version. It’s not a secret I’m a huge, huge video game fan. UntilContinue reading “Why I Write in English”

Here we go again! #PitchWars #PimpMyBio

Well, looks like it’s that time of the year again! I’m Diana, and I will be entering PitchWars with a YA Dark Fantasy manuscript called A Trace of Madness. It has mind witches, shadow people, weird nymps and crazy friends with questionable intentions. It’s the fourth novel child I’ve birthed and it’s, so far, myContinue reading “Here we go again! #PitchWars #PimpMyBio”

Panicking Over Ghosts

I have seen a lot of friends in various states of despair over their revisions, changing their latest novels through and through because either a) agents aren’t biting, b) they’re getting feedback, or c) because they simply want to. And a lot of them are getting tired and disillusioned because no matter what they change,Continue reading “Panicking Over Ghosts”

Writing Process Blog Tour

Next stop is Lisbon, sitting in sunny Portugal with some of the most amazing food in the world. Most of the country is still experiencing summer, though we expect rain to start drizzling any time soon as fall settles in (along with hot cocoa). It’s friendly, it’s fun, and it’s one of the best placesContinue reading “Writing Process Blog Tour”

So, I’m a grown-up now

Not that I haven’t been an adult (technically, anyway) for seven years now. But I have a grown-up job that finally allows me to be monetarily independent. YAY! And since I’ve been quiet for a while, here are some illustrations I did for Withering Spring (Belladonna) and for Sightless 2.0, the game.