The Book Deal!!

I know I don’t update this page often (hence the name–never say I don’t live up to my promises!) but this is still the most, um… “website-like” presence I have, so I kind of have to show this:

A MIRACLE OF ROSES will be published come Fall 2020 by Entangled: TEEN! This book’s journey was something, and I’m saving that five-part saga for my eventual newsletter. Which will go on my actual website that I can’t afford at the moment. Hah! Needless to say, it’s like a rollercoaster: lots of highs and lows, halfway a bird shat on me, I was screaming how I wanted to get off and never ride rollercoasters again, more birds shat on me, and amid the tears someone offered me a towelette to wipe my hair with saying “I’m not sure this will work, but hey!”, I accepted that towelette and then it didn’t just clean my hair, it cleared the skies and brought rainbows, then all of a sudden I had a bunch of different birds landing on me and offering me gifts. And then I got on the rollercoaster again.

(That someone was Jen, by the way, and I’m linking them because they absolutely deserve it for talking me down off several ledges. Go love Jen!)

The book is based on my hometown’s legend about the Holy Queen Isabel of Aragon, who married our King Dinis I. She’s HUGE in my hometown, and we even have the butt-fucking-ugliest statue of her up in the Castle. Many historical liberties were taken, so some of it is accurate, and some isn’t. There’s an Alentejo Mastiff dog named Lucas, and, obviously, lots and lots of food, and no buried gays!

Anyway, you can add AMOR on Goodreads right now!

For now, I’ll leave you with Fatyan and Yzabel!


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I'm a freelance artist and writer, mother of two cats and one awesome bearded dragon. Making Portuguese history queer one novel at a time.

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